We are not just a regular blog, we are a family, a community.

Welcome to VeganPowerOfficial! Becoming vegan is not joining a club and simply wearing a label. Most of all, it’s stating that we want to end the cruelty for good, save the environment and reduce the risk of diseases as much as we can. Therefor, anyone is welcomed here. The goal behind VeganPowerOfficial is to show the amazing side of this lifestyle. Fun, delicious, exciting, healthy, inspiring, empowering and… did I already say delicious?

It’s our way to thank those who make a difference in this world, but also to encourage everyone to embark in this life changing journey.We are all in the same team, we all want peace, health and love. Finally, what I can promise you is that this website will be transparent. We share the message with no filter, but we stay respectful. Let’s break the myths and show our true colors! I got the vegan power, do you?